Our Mission — Better vision, Better life

Our mission is to bring the evolution of technology into the medical industry so that patients can be given the enjoyment of a better life.

With the advancement of technology, modern people’s life expectancy continues to increase. Still, there are diseases that cause many people to live in agony. With our technologies accumulated for years, we strive to offer medical products of highest quality in hope to help more people in achieving a higher quality of life.

Our Vision

We aim to become as a leading medical devices contract development and manufacturing organisation (‘‘CDMO’’) solutions provider serving global healthcare brand companies. We will continue to strengthen our R&D capabilities in digital imaging, lens miniaturisation and precision manufacturing by providing a diversifying medical devices CDMO solutions offering that covers the entire value chain in medical devices design, development, regulatory approval and production to our  customers.

We believe our success will bring tangible benefits to patients and healthcare practitioners around the world in better addressing their medical needs in a more timely, safer and affordable way.

Leveraging on our core competencies, our experience accumulated in the design and development of BGM, insulin patch pump, single-use diagnostic endoscopy product and single-use surgical endoscope, we believe that we are well-positioned to develoy product our self-developed product, and to evolve into a medical devices company with advanced vision and precision technology. We have identified (i) diabetes care, (ii) single-use diagnostic endoscope, (iii) wearable injector and (iv) single-use surgical endoscopy product as our targeted markets in the next five years. In particular, we plan to expand the offering of combination product solutions involving drug delivery device to global healthcare brand companies in the future.

We believe with our core competencies and proprietary technology, we will be able to achieve breakthrough in medical devices product development in medical diagnosis and treatment more commercially viable and affordable.

• To become a leading medical devices solutions provider in the world
• To develop imaging devices for surgeons to have better treatment for patients
• To develop precision medical devices to provide less pain care to patients