Miniature, precise, integrated, and portable


Miniature cameras for single-use endoscope

Our miniature cameras diameter is smaller than 2mm, resolution is 800x800, and FOV is more than 120 degrees, we are developing smaller, clearer, and more affordable cameras

Disposable minimally-invasive endoscope & video console

We offer minimally invasive surgical endoscope with image video system for our customer

Complete set of single-use endoscope

Aside from designing and manufacturing endoscope cameras, we also have the capability to extend this skill-set to produce a complete set of a single-use endoscope

Small blood glucose meters

We have manufactured blood glucose meters for many years, the meters are easy to use, accurate, reliable, and can be connected with mobile phones to record blood glucose changes

High-end cassette blood glucose meter

This meter makes measurement easier, faster, and convenient because of a unique optical lens and motor control, which can improve reliability and accuracy

Intelligent tubeless insulin pump with wireless controller

The system is a highly integrated and freely portable intelligent insulin pump system, which has passed CE regulation (Class-2b level)

Endoscopy display console

The endoscope console has a built-in touchscreen, it uses our own image processor to provide you with the best image quality

Single-use cystoscope with display console

The cystoscope is not only a demo sample, we build it to show that we can offer more quality single-use endoscopy solutions for our customers

Smart Wearable Drug Injector

We develop a smart wearable drug injector for our customer, with auto needle insertion, up to 2ml drug, and accuracy in ±0.01ml


Altek - The Vision AI Company

Introduction to our mother company - Altek

Altek is focusing on the vision AI field so many years and we are the Taiwan one of the best leading image solution companies. Altek has total solutions for the image ISP, 3D depth sensing module, and AI Camera.