Altek Medical's parent company Altek group has been a leader in the digital imaging industry more than two decades, its digital camera sales was ranked no.1 in the world in 2008 (Japan Techno Systems Research report, 2008)

Altek Medical enhances the imaging technology into medical devices:
•    Single-use endoscope miniature cameras
•    Minimally-invasive endoscopes
•    Video imaging system

Altek Medical is the largest medical devices CDMO medical devices solutions provider for the single-use endoscopy camera system. In 2021, Altek Medical supplied over one million units of single-use diagnostic endoscopy products to a brand-name customer. Our CDMO solutions, based on strong R&D capabilities, provide a service offering that covers the entire value chain in the design, development, and production of medical devices from product concept, feature design, R&D, collaboration on the regulatory application process, precision manufacturing to on-going product feature enhancement services.