Environment, Society, and Governance

We are committed to ESG essential to our sustainable development. Our focus areas include economic remissibility, employee responsibility, customer responsibility, environmental responsibility, and public responsibility.

Policies, metrics, and targets in governance on ESG matters

Our ESG policies include:
(i) the direct involvement of our directors in the design of our ESG strategy and objectives and in evaluating, determining, and addressing the risks associated with ESG
(ii) our ESG governance structure, in which some staff will be given roles to monitor energy-saving and environmental protection policies
(iii) integration of the environmental protection concept into all aspects of our work, including daily operations and appraisals, to encourage low-carbon operations
(iv) promotion of environmental protection and waste reduction
(v) occupational and health and work safety policies
(vi) create headcounts for employment of people with disabilities and create working conditions that allow them to mix in with other employees
(vii) stringent product quality control to minimize the risk to public safety on the use of medical devices we produced

Some of our ESG metrics and targets will include for example,
(i) the weighing and priority in ESG related decision makings
(ii) the number of headcounts for disabilities employees
(iii) the level of integration of ESG and low-carbon concept into our operations
(iv) the implementation of waste reduction and waste discharge in our production facilities

Environmental protection

We are subject to various environmental protection and occupational health and safety laws and regulations. Our operations do not involve large-scale use of hazardous and flammable chemical materials. If necessary, we generally contract with third parties to dispose of these materials and wastes.

We emphasize environmental protection and strive to minimize the environmental impact brought by our business operations. We have adopted and implemented various environmental protection policies and measures to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements under applicable laws and regulations. We have promulgated various internal policies on environmental compliance matters, and have been supervising and managing our project companies to ensure that they operate in compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Occupational health and safety matters

We are subject to the relevant laws and regulations regarding labor, safety, and work-related incidents. Under these laws and regulations, we are required to maintain safe production conditions and to protect the occupational health of our employees. We have implemented production safety management policies and safety measures based on the relevant laws and regulations, including procedures for investigation, reporting to management, and corrective activities in the event of an occurrence of an accident. Our employees are required to follow the relevant procedures.